Pond Meadows Condominiums has nine (9) parking areas. One numbered stall is assigned to each unit, but the lots provide for adequate visitor parking also. All roads surrounding the complex are private, not public, and are part of the common elements. Parking on access roads or on any grassy area is strictly prohibited. Use of the parking areas is restricted to owners in good standing and authorized visitors. All vehicles must be properly registered with the property management company and the PMCA hang tag visibly displayed. All other vehicles are subject to removal.

Resolution on Parking/Towing Policies and Rules

(Adopted April 22, 2014)

WHEREAS, under the authority granted to the Board of Trustees to enact and to enforce rules and regulations as set forth in Article III, Section 9, of the By-Laws of the Pond Meadows Condominium Association, and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees seeks to further the safety and welfare of the residents of Pond Meadows Condominium and to promote their fair and authorized use of the parking areas; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees has entered into a written towing contract with NAR Towing and Recovery, Inc., of Ramsey, NJ, as may be required under State law, for the removal of vehicles from the premises for cause; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees has instituted a registration system for all vehicles authorized to park on the grounds; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees seeks to amend and supplement the parking policies previously adopted (April 11, 2002) and to adopt new policies responsive to new conditions which have arisen since then; now

WHEREFORE, be it resolved that the following policies and rules be reaffirmed and adopted:

  1. Right to Park

    The right to park vehicles on or in the common areas so reserved for parking is appurtenant to ownership of a unit in the Pond Meadows Condominium and shall not be assigned except in writing to lawful tenants or other residents of the unit. The right to park shall be terminated in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Master Deed, Section 6 (c). Additionally, the right to park in the common areas reserved for parking is contingent upon the owner (or the residents) of the unit being in “good standing,” and can be suspended for such cause upon written notice.

  2. Good Standing

    An owner of a unit shall be deemed in “good standing” if the following conditions DO NOT EXIST:

    1. An owner has not paid and is in arrears for common and maintenance expenses as may be required under the Master Deed, Sections 7 and 8, or has not paid and is arrears for other lawfully imposed charges and assessments.
    2. An owner, or the owner’s lawful tenant(s) or any other lawful resident(s) of the owner’s unit, is in a state of “non-compliance” (Master Deed, Section 15) with State or federal laws, any “provisions of [the] Master Deed, the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and rules and regulations of the Association and any other [governing] documents.”
  3. Registration

    To be “authorized” to be parked on or in the common areas, all vehicles of lawful residents shall be “registered” with the office of the property manager, and shall be furnished with “hang tags” to be placed in conspicuous view identifying the vehicle as properly “registered.” “Visitor” tags intended for use by multi-day visitors shall also be issued to units upon proper requests. Visitors can also obtain prior permission from the office of the property manager to be authorized to be parked temporarily. All other vehicles, except those parked diurnally and briefly, shall be deemed to be “unauthorized.”

  4. Signs

    Signs installed at parking lot entrances in accordance with N.J.S.A. 56:13-7 et seq. put all entering vehicles on notice that “unauthorized parking is prohibited and unauthorized motor vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.”

  5. Towing

    The Pond Meadows Condominium Association has entered into a written agreement with NAR Towing and Recovery, Inc., Ramsey, NJ, for all towing services as may be required by the Association. These policies and regulations also apply to any successor company the Association may retain. Vehicles parked in and on the common areas reserved for parking which may be subject to immediate towing are:

    1. ANY vehicle parked in unauthorized areas of the common areas, including but not limited to on Northerly Drive, Southerly Drive, Pond Meadows Drive, lawn areas, outside of designated stalls, on emergency spaces, in vehicle entrances or exits, in a fashion blocking pedestrian walkways, OR parked in any way which presents a safety or traffic hazard;
    2. ANY “unauthorized” vehicle (as defined above);
    3. ANY vehicle of any owner, tenant, or lawful resident whose unit’s owner has been deemed NOT to be in “good standing” (see above) and who has received written notice of the suspension of parking rights.
  6. Liability

    The Association shall not be responsible or liable for any damage caused to or by operating or parked vehicles on the parking lots. Operating or parking vehicles on the parking lots and on the street shall be at the sole risk of the owner or operator. The Association shall also not be responsible for any damage arising from towing any vehicle which meets the conditions set forth under Paragraph 5 (above) or under any other authorized conditions.
  7. Visitors Spaces

    reasonable number of stalls/spaces in close proximity to each of the four courtyards shall be reserved for “diurnal” visitors providing health care and similar services to residents in need. These spaces shall be marked.

  8. Penalities

    Consistent abuse of parking privileges by vehicles will result in the imposition of such reasonable fines and penalties by the Association on the owner of the unit with which the vehicle(s) is affiliated as may be provided by the authority granted by the governing documents.